Nureau Wocket Solutions



Jeeves is your ultimate home automation and entertainment hub. Supplied as a complete installed solution, Jeeves includes a micro-server which can simply plug into your existing network and bring various systems together into one easy to use solution.

This include controlling:

  • - X10 devices (such as light switches and plugs)
  • - LightwaveRF devices (requires Wifi Link)
  • - Sonos

In addition to basic controls such as turning devices on and off, dimming lights etc, you can also set up a sequence of events, such as "movie mode", or "turn all lights off". You can set these sequences to run on a schedule, to give the illusion of someone being at home when you are away, or to help you wake up in the morning.

Jeeves also offers a media management facility, allowing it to work as an iTunes server, simply insert any audio CD or home video on DVD and Jeeves will rip and convert the content and add it to your central library. Or if you have audio, video, or pictures on a USB key, simply insert it into Jeeves and follow the wizard in the Jeeves iPad application pick what you would like to import. Jeeves does the rest.

Once your media is held by Jeeves, you can use the iPad application as a picture viewer, or to give meaningful names to videos that you have imported.

The iPhone / Android controllers are specifically designed for smaller screens, allowing basic functions such as controlling lights/devices, and basic media controll (play, pause, skip track and volume). Furthermore, the Android controller has full voice support, allowing you to issue commands such as:

  • - Play some Beatles in the Kitchen
  • - Turn on the Living Room light
  • - Open the gates
  • - Skip to the next track in the Dining Room

Our custom built artificial intelligence engine allows Jeeves to work out what you are asking for, you don't need to remember exact phrases in order for Jeeves to understand you.

Prices for Jeeves start at £12,000, and can be customised to include a full installation service including all X10, LightwaveRF, Sonos devices and controllers as required.