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Wiki Flex

Wiki Flex is designed to allow flexible data sharing across multiple teams or departments, in an easy to use tool.

Editors are able to upload images and other attachments for inclusion in pages, and have a simple to use editor, allowing rich content to be produced quickly and easily.

Wiki Flex also stores a complete history of changes to a document, so you can easily choose any two versions of a document and view what has changed between them.

Our unique authentication system also allows users to launch a secure internet session without the need to provide a username and password, making access to Wiki Flex even simpler.

Wiki Flex uses advanced search algorithms to allow document searches to give you accurate results every time, you don't have to know the exact wording on the document you are searching for.

Prices for Wiki Flex are £2,500 for initial setup including the first twelve months hosting (normally £1,500 per year)